Below you will find videos, music players and other items of Dingo interest to get a feel of what we do best! Awooo!

Listen to our new EP, “Pony Up” on our Audiomack player below!


Presenting, a few live video’s of some of our tunes!

“Head Over Heels” – Live @ Howl At The Moon (9/20/17)

… or check out a selection of songs from our most recent show at “The Old Towne Pub” (9/8/17)


Check out our latest venture from “Message From The Action Man,” our tribute to the cosmic innovator, David Bowie. You can download the three-song album for free HERE! Check out our version of “Moonage Daydream” on the audiomack player below!

Check out the new video for “Moonage Daydream” from Dingo Down’s Bowie Tribute. Video made by Pinkus’ Monster and Props Tinkershop!

Listen to that “Dingo Down Sound” on our Soundcloud below!






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