Meet Dingo Down!


About Dingo Down

Stomping the stage since 2013, Dingo Down is a face-melting, baby-eating tour de force, keeping Rock & Roll alive in Los Angeles.

Frontwoman Rachael Hyland is a brassy lass with feisty banter and savage vocals on every stage. This Dingo Dame is scrappy enough to keep the pack in line, and keeps the crowd howling. She might just kick your face in, wearing her most sassy boots (of course!)

Chiron Bloch’s virtuosic guitar stylings straddle the chasm between surf punk and jazz fusion.  He also happens to be the band’s resident techie, beardo and existential cyber-brat.

Matt Pinkus brings clever, catalytic bass lines that frolic across the frets, while invoking whimsy, funk, and ancient Gypsy Curses. He enjoys a sensible fish dinner before each show, and a bourbon on the rocks while on stage!

Bombastic Backbone and Dingo Drummer Ian “Hollywood” Taylor keeps the Dingo Dudes in fine formation with quaking metal rhythms.  The only thing more meticulous than his beats are his clockwork hair appointments.

They are best experienced live and loud in L.A., but for a quick fix between shows, check out their 2015 EP “Pony Up” at the Dingo Store.  For a daily dose of Dingo, find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Off the stage, you might find them plotting and scheming in the back corner of their favorite garden Cantina. Howl at them at dingodownband@gmail.com


Check out “Head Over Heels” from our last show at The Old Towne Pub in Pasadena,








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