Melting Faces in 2018!

Happy New Years, Dingoes! We’ve had an eventful 2017, and we are looking forward to melting every single face in 2018! Including YOURS!

First off, we’d like to welcome a very new Dingo to the pack: little Ewan Taylor, a sweet baby boy crafted (with love) from Dingo drummer Ian (and his lovely wife, Frances, of course!)! Congrats to Ian and Frances for bringing little Ewan into the world! We’ll keep you posted on his drumming skill status (and pictures) as we receive it!

2017 was a rough year for many, but we Dingoes made the best of it; combating evil, one show at a time! It has left us in a hibernating mood, but we are back in full force and are ready to continue the good fight in 2018!

Rumour has it that Dingo Down will be playing a rock & roll show on January 20, 2018! This will be our first show of the new year, as well as our inaugural jam at the Universal Bar & Grill in North Hollywood! We’ll post more about this show as we get more details.

We hope this new year treats you all well, and we can’t wait to share our music with you in 2018!

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