Dingo Down’s Wild Ride!

Salutations, Dingoes and Dingettes (and any sort of Dingo amalgamation in between!) It’s been a long, wild ride all summer long, and October is already here! We have some exciting news to share with you all, but to start with, we’d like to announce our third place standing in Howl at the Moon‘s Battle of the Bands! It was a tough competition, with some amazing bands! We learned a lot, and had a blast doing our Dingo thing each time around; it really put us into better shape as a band, and we take to heart all the advice and critique we were given. We are especially appreciative to all of our friends and family for coming to cheer us on, week after week! We couldn’t have gone as far as we did without your support and howls! Awooo!

So, when is our next, non-competitive, good ‘ol fashioned rock & roll show? You’ll be happy to know,  you have two exciting opportunities to catch us live this month! Our first spoopy set will be at the Silverlake Lounge on October 20th. We will be playing with some really cool acts, so don’t miss it! You can purchase the $15 ticket online, or you can show (on your phone) this EXCLUSIVE flyer (especially made for us) at the door. We recommend the flyer…


Looking for something especially cool to do this upcoming Halloween? Why not come down to the Old Towne Pub in Pasadena for the Donkey Island Halloween Spectacular on October 27th! Our old friends, Donkey Island Penitentiary, will be hosting a horror-filled night of crazy rock & roll, gruesome games and one HELL of a costume contest! Mwa ha ha! (more info on 10/27 show as we get it!)

Once again, we love our amazing friends, families and new fans, and we can’t wait to see you all again really soon! After October, we Dingoes plan on taking a small hiatus to write and record! We hope to bring you new music in the coming months, and even the prospect of an full blown LP in the near future! We hope you stick around for the ride!


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