Message From The Action Man

A few months back the world lost a REAL rock and roll legend. David Bowie was a true artist, inventor and innovator. His passing leaves a hole in the hearts of musicians and music lovers everywhere.

We Dingoes were taken aback that January evening (in the middle of our Sunday night rehearsal) when we heard the news; devastated would be an understatement. Each one of us Dingoes was inspired by David Bowie in a very unique and individual way. That sums up David Bowie to me. Every human can find something special that touches their heart, soul and imagination in his prismatic oeuvre, whether you’re a Starman, Scary Monster, Goblin King or Afraid of Americans!

Download HERE!

We humbly submit to the world a small token of our gratitude for the man who gave us so much music and memories. Check out the track “Moonage Daydream” on the Audiomack player below and download Dingo Down’s own take at some favorite Bowie tunes at our bandcamp page HERE. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!


Recording “Message From The Action Man”

Our recording journey started at Exposition Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Below you will find some pictures from our first take at this project.


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