Dingo Down Needs YOU!

We are currently in the studio, having fun and working hard to bring you the music you’ve been waiting for. That’s right folks, Dingo Down needs your help to record our debut EP. It’s been an exciting experience so far and we can’t wait to finally present “Pony Up” to all of our fans. We appreciate everyone who’s supported us throughout the years and are thankful to all who’ve donated so far. We still have a lot more to go with our fundraising, so please help us Dingoes out anyway you can. Every dollar really does make a difference! There are two ways to donate: Visit our Dingo Store and click on the PayPal link at the bottom of the page. We are currently offering 4 packages for your contributions:

  • Package 1: $5 – A Dingo Down Button, a Dingo Sticker and a Dingo Mystery Prize!
  • Package 2: $10 – A Digital Dingo Download of Upcoming EP, “Pony Up” plus Album Artwork (Coming Soon)
  • Package 3: $25 – An Official Dingo T-Shirt (S,M,L,XL) Dingo Buttons, Dingo Sticker and Digital Download of “Pony Up.”
  • Package 4: $25 – Three Official Live Bootlegs from Three Dingo Down Shows for Digital Download (Coming Soon)

You can also visit our GoFundMe page (click the link below) for more options!

GoFundMe Page Here!

GoFundMe Page Here!


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